Star Trek

3 Temporadas - 0 Episodios

1966 TERMINADO 50 min 359

Series that recounts the voyages of the spacecraft USS Enterprise. Your Five Year Mission is to explore new worlds and search for new civilizations. It is the year 2264, two centuries after man exceeded the speed of light in his travels and the first voyage of the Enterprise NX-01 took place. During the first three years, Captain James T. Kirk and his crew encounter morphing creatures, murderers, madmen, beings so powerful that they can control the minds of entire societies, but also beings that are very weak and incapable of controlling their own. mind. The expedition members will live dangerous adventures that will force them to fight for their lives and that of their friends. All these tests will help to forge a bond of friendship between three unusual characters: the brave and charismatic captain, the irascible doctor and the emotionless Vulcan.

Director: Gene Roddenberry

Género: Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy

Actores: DeForest Kelley, George Takei, James Doohan, Leonard Nimoy, Majel Barrett, Nichelle Nichols, Walter Koenig, William Shatner


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